Key Drivers

the opportunities of a culture based on inclusion, consensus and teamwork


As a financial services company, Kamson Financial is  positioning itself to support local communities’ opportunities for economic growth and help address environmental and social challenges.


We work with a variety of clients that include all types of cooperatives, private-public partnerships and membership-based organizations (MBO). We help connect them to capital to help grow their operations, facilitate investment or provide them with risk management solutions. These activities play a critical role in helping to support a local sustainable economy.


As a team, we acknowledge the status of sustainability as a driver of long-term value creation for the community.


Fundamental areas undergirding our approach to sustainability include:


  • Driving opportunities for local food development and the cooperative business model  

  • Expanding community investing footprint

  • Embracing diversity

  • Supporting job growth and income generation

  • Innovating to address client and communities needs          

  • Sharing our thoughts and insights


Continuous engagement with community investors and leaders on these matters is important to us and will provide us with invaluable perspectives that will continue to inform our approach.





Community investing is about creating real opportunities for all residents to participate as investors in local food development. These opportunities meet the interests of a wide spectrum of clients, from fiduciaries aligning their portfolios with the realities of a rapidly changing world to clients who are increasingly looking to have their investments express their values.


Better data, refined tools and improved methods will expand the possibilities across all these interests and will increase participation from community members as well as among local institutions, organizations, nonprofits faith-based and impact investors.




As an enterprise we value diversity and a spirit of teamwork and find it valuable to come together to share experiences and perspectives about our commonalities, about our differences and about using both to enhance our workplace and bring the best of the enterprise to our clients. Open and honest conversations is critical to our principle of inclusion and is invaluable to our  organization. It enables us to benefit, to the greatest extent possible, from wide- ranging viewpoints and ideas.


This approach allows us to attract from the largest possible pool of talent, foster innovation, drive improved decision- making and enables us to provide our clients with the guidance and localized knowledge they need to succeed. At the same time, it helps us become more relevant to the communities in which we work and live, giving us greater insight into local cultures, helping us provide opportunities for local  businesses and, ultimately, helping us contribute to economic development that benefits everyone.


WHERE WILL JOB GROWTH COME FROM?  5000 co-operative entrepreneurs


Job growth is crucial to a strong local economy but challenges to employment, from global and national corporations, to automation, are increasing in markets worldwide. That’s why, we will focus our community investments on developments that stimulate job creation and income generation in the local economy. We will conduct frequent research to better understand the complex, rapidly changing jobs and income generation scenarios.


5000 cooperators program, for example, can help to empower entrepreneurs who are critical to driving innovation, dynamism and job growth in the economy.

5000 cooperator program, will provide access to education, capital and business support services.


We will work with a network of local partners, and deploy funds while providing important networking opportunities, to enhance business skills. 5000 cooperators program will allow graduates consistently increase revenues and create new jobs at rates that outperform the broader economy.


Local food development is an important driver of job creation, particularly through projects that address multiple community development challenges.  We will study long-term food trends and their impact on jobs. Of particular interest is automation, its effects on long-term job creation and ways society might respond by rethinking the world of work.




Kamson Financial standing commitment to driving the social economy. We will leverage our people, capital and ideas to expand innovative solutions for our clients, of our operations and the evaluation of potential environmental and social risk in transactions.




Developing caring talent starts with recruiting the concerned and most diverse people into  the enterprise.  To reach and evaluate a broader and more diverse applicant pool, we will leverage technology.




We will help our people achieve their full potential by supporting a culture of continuous development and building an innovative, diverse and inclusive work environment. The enterprise learning programs will range from skills-based offerings and high-potential leadership programs to roundtable discussions and talks hosted by experts.




Investing in our people also means investing in our workplace and teleworking platform.

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