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Local Development Paradigm

A global social enterprise whose business is providing financial, information and management services for community development and international trade programs and projects worldwide, premised on a health is wealth economic paradigm and the ethics of reciprocity.

Kamson Financial  interest and involvement is in projects and programs whose operational processes reflect fidelity to the principles of local empowerment, participatory governance, supply inclusiveness, administrative autonomy, greater work democracy and enhanced local capacity that provide the value basis of community based and driven development.

Kamson Financial Solution’s selection of the community driven development model is based on empirical support that indicate that when given clear explanations of the process, access to information and appropriate capacity and financial support members of cooperatives and membership based organizations can effectively organize to identify community priorities and to address local problems by working in partnership with local governments (public-private partnerships) and other supportive institutions.

Further evidence suggests that community based, and driven development projects and programs are best undertaken in a context-specific manner, with a long-time horizon and with careful and well-designed monitoring and evaluation systems

Kamson Financial will identify and develop approaches and actions for effective and efficient utilization and application of the cooperative business model and the growth and expansion of a social economy paradigm.

The focus of Kamson Financial investments is in community based and driven development programs and projects that reach a local community directly.

The workforce development of community based and driven programs and projects will be given priority attention to overcome the weakness of sub-optimal and high cost training of facilitators identified as a major weakness that limits rapid scaling up of community based and driven development projects and programs.

Kamson Financial  will use the community based and driven development approach in targeted countries and regions and support a variety of long-term needs including renewable energy, agribusiness, water supply, sewage, communications, learning, health, transport, tourism and support for small and medium enterprises.

An aim of Kamson Financial  is to have significant portion of its operations utilize virtual space processes and technologies based on an ownership status of the infrastructure of the digital highway in order to ensure the privacy and security of the resources that allow for autonomy in decision making by a global community.

The strength of the community based, and driven development model is because it empowers local decision-making and puts resources in the direct control of community groups while its success is linked to external agents who can strongly influence project and program outcome.

Successfully integrating a local community and community based and driven development requires an approach that combines multiple disciplines.  If you are a professional with a compassion to make the world a better place for all humanity and want to apply your knowledge and expertise where it can multiply within a team collaboration format, please consider filling Kamson Financial  potential  partner registration form.




As a global development institution focused on the growth of the cooperative sector and the expansion of the social economy, KAMSON FINANCIAL  work with cooperatives, membership based organizations and public private partnerships of all types and sizes worldwide, to help them succeed in ways that promote prosperity for all.


KAMSON FINANCIAL  financial services  provides investment, advice, and asset management. Together, our services will give us a special advantage in helping the expansion of the social economy that includes cooperatives, membership-based organizations and public-private partnerships create and develop opportunities that build healthy communities—our investment and advice will be tailored to a client’s specific needs, and in ways that add value. We will develop the capacity and ability to attract investors to bring additional benefits, while introducing our clients to new sources of capital and better ways of doing business.



KAMSON FINANCIAL  provides comprehensive and holistic financial services  to clients worldwide to address today’s community based and driven development greatest challenges. Our offering will be designed to meet the specific needs of clients in different communities, industries, with a special focus on infrastructure, agribusiness, services, and financial/exchange markets.

Our financial services include products that enable cooperatives, membership based organizations and public-private partnerships to identify and manage opportunities and broaden their access to foreign and domestic intellectual and financial capital. Our advice helps unlock potentials and impact investments. It also helps in the creation of meaningful occupations through an expanding green economy.


KAMSON FINANCIAL  works with community based organizations and impact investors to encourage entrepreneurship and build sustainable democratic businesses—advising them on a wide range of issues, including environmental, social and governance standards, energy and efficiency, and supply chains. KAMSON FINANCIAL   expands access to knowledge and finance critical for community driven development with intermediary collaborators.

KAMSON FINANCIAL  Investing  Include:



Loans for KAMSON FINANCIAL's Own Account: A-loans

KAMSON FINANCIAL  offers fixed and variable rate loans for its own account to green economy projects and programs worldwide with a particular focus on emerging market countries.


The intention is for KAMSON FINANCIAL to issue loans in leading currencies and to also provide local currency loans. The loans typically will have maturities of seven to 12 years at origination. Grace periods and repayment schedules will be determined on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the borrower's cash-flow needs. If warranted by the project or program, KAMSON FINANCIAL  will provide longer-term loans and longer grace periods. Some loans may be extended many years.

KAMSON FINANCIAL operates on a commercial basis. It invests exclusively in for-revenue/income generating programs and projects worldwide and charges non-usurious rates for its products and services.


Loans from KAMSON FINANCIAL finances both early-stage cooperatives, membership based organizations and public-private partnership as well as expansion projects worldwide with a particular focus on emerging market economies.

The enterprise will extend loans that are repaid only from the cash flow of the project or program, without recourse to the sponsors.


Syndicated Loans

KAMSON FINANCIAL      Syndications

KAMSON FINANCIAL promotes green economy development by mobilizing financing worldwide. In carrying out this role, KAMSON FINANCIAL operate as both a financial and developmental institution. This developmental mandate is what differentiates KAMSON FINANCIAL from commercial financiers and governmental financial institutions. KAMSON FINANCIAL will act as a catalyst in raising capital from foreign and domestic sources, in both private and public markets, for projects and programs of community based and driven development worldwide.


Structured Finance

Structured Finance Products

KAMSON FINANCIAL   utilizes structured finance products to provide cost-effective forms of financing that would not otherwise be readily available to clients, with an emphasis on providing long-term local currency  and access to local intellectual, social and financial capital.  KAMSON FINANCIAL  will develop expertise in structuring to help clients develop knowledge based capabilities, learning mindset, diversify funding, extended maturities, access new investors, and obtain local currency funding.  KAMSON FINANCIAL  intention is to work with intermediaries in all sectors to offer new products and access new markets.


Local Currency Financing

Local Currency Loans

Why Local Currency?

Cooperatives, membership based organizations and private-public partnerships with revenues in local currency should generally borrow in their local currency, instead of borrowing in a foreign currency that can lead to problems associated with the volatilities, instabilities and turbulences associated with foreign currency and interest rate manipulations. KAMSON FINANCIAL by matching the currency denomination of assets and liabilities of cooperatives, membership based organizations and private-public partnerships will allow them to concentrate on their core businesses rather than worry about volatility due to exchange rate or interest rate changes. KAMSON FINANCIAL will make local currency financing a priority and oppose usurious lending in order to help community driven development local economies. 


Private Investment Funds

Investment Funds

KAMSON FINANCIAL  will initiate and establish funds particularly in the emerging markets because funds can have a significant impact on the expansion of the green economy, cooperative growth and job creation. The majority of private equity in the emerging markets is likely to be growth equity, and with a little leverage and sustained growth of cooperatives to generate returns. The private fund will help cooperatives, membership based organizations and private public partnerships to improve focus and negotiate the transformations of opportunities inherent in rapid expansion.


Trade Finance

Trade & Supply Chain

Trade is the lifeblood of the world economy and a key driver of global integration, as well as a potent force for helping cooperatives, membership based organizations and private public partnership ranging from small to medium enterprises to grow and create jobs. Trade finance is a potential engine of global commerce and is fundamental to the movement of goods and services at all stages of the supply chain can play a significant role in community based and driven development particularly in emerging economies. 

KAMSON FINANCIAL  will establish the Global Trade Finance Initiative (GTFI) to issue credit guarantees to community driven development programs and projects where others won't, providing essential liquidity for trade flows through a global network of partners, to help middle market communities by supporting cooperatives, membership based organization and private public partnerships worldwide with a focus of facilitating a transformed relationship of middle market communities within the global trading system.


KAMSON FINANCIAL   Provides Advice, to:

  • Cooperatives

  • Public-Private Partnerships

  • Membership Based Organizations

  • Local Governments

  • Economic Development Institutions

  • Professional and Trade associations

  • InterFaith Movement/Human Rights institutions

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