Who We Are

Results are obtained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems.

- Peter Drucker

Kamson Financial Solutions International, LLC, is a registered investment advisory firm in Arizona and Georgia.


Kamson Financial mission is to grow the social economy by raising community capital.


Currently many of the arrangements for raising capital exclude loads of organizations and people, many of whom are open to investing or supporting businesses (opportunities) that grow healthy communities. These impact investors can potentially bring structural changes to community investment.


Community capital is an emerging field that will allow the effective and efficient use of local funds by cooperatives, membership organizations and public-private partnerships for research, development, marketing, and growth.


Kamson Financial services include:

  • Direct Public Offerings

  • Community Investment Funds

  • Private Placement

  • Marketing Services

  • Structured Finance


Kamson Financial two prongs approach involves

(a) helping cooperatives, membership based organizations and public-private partnerships prepare for raising capital as well as helping them to raise it

(b) helping investors invest in cooperatives, membership based organizations and public-private partnerships.


In addition to its financial intermediary role, Kamson Financial provides consulting, information and management services to allow for informed decision making by cooperatives, membership based organizations and public-private partnerships.


A current major emphasis of Kamson Financial is the creation of financial markets for regional food systems production with an initial focus on family based controlled environment greenhouse for commercial scale farming for local sustainable horticulture compete with industrial-horticultural production. This will improve income generation and job creation in communities.

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